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Unique Charity Fundraising Ideas

Sourabh Gupta Mar 17, 2020
Charity events are a great way to donate money or items in good condition to the less fortunate. Find it within yourself to channel good Samaritan traits for those in need.
For non-profit organizations, schools, and churches, fundraising is a way to help each one sustain itself and those involved in these places. Volunteer groups sometimes help these non-profit organizations by providing some novel fundraising ideas. Ideas come in great numbers but only a few are successful or feasible.
Sometimes tweaking an existing idea can also be a good option. Let's experiment with a few ways on how to arrange a fundraising event that will attract the most contributors.

Helpful Fundraising Ideas

Raffle Tickets - Everyone's a Winner

Raffle tickets that are up for grabs contain items of a materialistic but not monetary nature. Usually there is only one winner, but you can include more to pique the crowd's interest while encouraging them to donate.
Search for an upcoming event or social gathering in your city and plan how to set up a stall at the venue. A week prior to the event, have simple pamphlets printed stating the organization's cause and the purpose of needing money. Highlight the fact that raffle tickets will allow contributors to win something based upon how great the amount put forward.
The items you do put up for contributors do not have to be over-the-top expensive but things that are reasonably priced and handy (scented candle set, homemade brownies, teacup set, salt and pepper shakers, a little book of inspirational quotes, a short-story book collection, and such - a pawn or secondhand store is your best go-to venue).

Car Wash

Car wash is a simple, fun way to include volunteers in an activity to help raise money. Put up a mini, shaded stall with sign boards saying that paying for a car wash will help raise money for charity. Choose a busy parking space like near a mall or theater.
Have volunteers go around occasionally to ask passersby if they'd like a car wash. Don't choose the time between traffic signals, since some people find it annoying to entertain car washers in the middle of rush hour.

Garage Sale

Good conditioned stuff that the previous owner doesn't require anymore, can be an item of interest for someone else. If the organization maintains a website, you can post a message on it a month prior to the garage sale.
State the venue and the items that they can contribute, which in many garage sales is practically anything that is in mint condition. Print pamphlets and have volunteers distribute these to attract as much attention as possible.

Charity Wristbands

Rubber wristbands are known by many names like awareness rubber bracelets, fundraising wristbands, and the like. People call them by different names but the purpose remains the same - to spread awareness about the organization or a cause.
These bands are made with thin silicone or rubber in a particular or varied set of color(s), or has the name of the organization printed on each one. When people buy and wear these bands the organization not only raises funds but also spreads awareness.

Cookie Bake-off

Nothing brings hoards of people flocking to a stall like a delicious batch of homemade cookies. A lot of people sell edibles outside public places. Do get consent before erecting the stall.
Make a sufficient amount of cookies - enough to raise the money you need or at least a portion of it on day one. Hand out cards to those who'd like another homemade batch delivered to their homes so that you can help your stall make more money by selling cookies on the side.
Charity fundraisers are a great time to put together the money for many purposes to help the needy. Volunteers can be found in colleges, schools, and workplaces, willing to give their free time to charity. With these ideas for a fundraiser, you may able to make money in no time. Planning and timing is crucial, so manage them efficiently before execution.