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Checklist for Buying a House

Arjun Kulkarni
Home buying is often the biggest bit of investment that one makes in their entire life. Hence, ensure that the place you're buying is just perfect. Here's a checklist, just to be sure you don't miss anything while buying your dream house.
When we are in the market for home buying, no doubt we have our dreams regarding what the house should be like, etc.
And in the whole complicated process of home buying, you can lose your head, because looking at all the apartments can be a little overwhelming.
Hence, preparing a checklist for house hunting is a logical thing to do, so that you ensure that the house you purchase is the perfect property which meets all the criteria you have set for 'the perfect home'.

Buying a House Checklist

Questions Related to the House

Checklist to ensure that the house is in good condition.
  • How old is the house?
  • How many stories does the house have?
  • Does it have a wood frame, a brick frame, or a wood and brick frame?
  • Does it have aluminum siding?
  • Is the roof condition OK?
  • Is the condition of the foundation OK?
  • Is the condition of the exterior of the building OK?
  • How many bedrooms does it have?
  • How many bathrooms does it have?
  • What is the size of the garage?
  • Is it ―
  1. oil heated?
  2. gas heated?
  3. electric heated?
  4. hot water heated?
  • Does it have centralized air conditioning?
  • What are the features available for energy conservation?
  • How old is the―
  1. heating system?
  2. water heater?
  3. electrical wiring?
  4. plumbing?
  • Does it have―
  1. a living room?
  2. a separate dining room?
  3. family room?
  4. kitchen eating area?
  • Does it have―
  1. an attic?
  2. laundry space?
  3. finished basement?
  4. patio?
  5. backyard fence?
  • Does it have―
  1. a refrigerator?
  2. a stove/oven?
  3. garbage disposal?
  4. dishwasher?
  • Is the home connected to the sewage system?
  • Is it well landscaped?
  • Does it have property boundaries?
  • Are security arrangements in place?
  • Does it have building code compliance?
  • Is there any space for further enlargement or expansion?
  • Does it have any carpeting?

Questions Related to the Neighborhood

Checklist to ensure that the house is in a good neighborhood.
  • Is it―
  1. near work?
  2. near schools?
  3. near shopping complexes?
  4. near doctors?
  • Is it―
  1. near expressways?
  2. near public transportation stations?
  3. near houses of worship?
  4. near airports?
  5. near industrial areas?
  • Are there facilities for garbage collection?
  • Are the streets well-lit?
  • Are the sidewalks around good?
  • Are the streets and alleys around the house well-maintained?
  • Is there a lot of noisy traffic at night?
  • Are there any parks around?
  • Are all the utilities installed properly?
  • What are the neighborhood covenants and restrictions?

Questions Related to Financing

A financial checklist for getting a house.
  • Do you intend to purchase this house as an investment property or you intend to live here?
  • How much is the house for?
  • How are you going to pay for it?
  • How much of the mortgage loan have you been pre-approved for?
  • If you are taking a mortgage loan, what are the periodic mortgage payments?
  • Can you afford the mortgage?
  • Have you got homeowner's insurance?
  • Do you have an attorney to finalize the deal, or can you take care of all the paperwork yourself?
  • Do you need services for real estate appraisal to ascertain the value for your home?
  • Do you need home appraisers to ensure that the property is in good condition?
Purchasing property is a pretty big deal and even more so when you are a first time home buyer. So, use this checklist, and make sure that you are indeed buying your dream home.