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Fundraising Events for Non-profit Organizations

Sheetal Mandora
Conducting a fundraiser is no small achievement. A lot of planning and implementation is required. Here are some ideas to conduct a fundraiser for any non-profit organization.
For non-profit groups and organizations, gathering big funds is not impossible, but rather a challenge. When it comes to asking other companies and/or people of the community for monetary help, it can really make this tough. Thus, hosting fundraising activities and events is the best way to go about it.
Whether it's a big or small event, you don't want to get confused as to how you should go about it. Here are some valuable and effective steps you need to keep in mind while organizing any fundraising events for non-profit organizations.

  • The goals you wish to achieve with this event.
  • Write the course of action, your plans for the event.
  • Use cost-efficient methods to cut down or manage the cost for your fundraiser.
  • Prepare a timeline for your event.
  • Identify who are your event's funding sources.
  • Evaluate your overall plan through the specified time period.

Now that we have a guideline for unique events and ideas, we will see what are the events and ideas you can devote your time in.

Creative Ideas For A Successful Event

Not everyone can devise a plan or have all the steps figured out on how to raise money. It's a step by steps process that takes time and a lot of patience. So if you are ready for making your event a success, here are quite a few suggestions. Just go through these quick fundraising ideas and get inspired.

Mini Golf Tournament

To start off, how about hosting a mini golf tournament in a particular neighborhood. You can have local businesses, small or big, to sponsor hole(s) for the game. They can choose from contributing US $30 or US $50, or even more per hole scored. In return, you will place sponsorship banners around the venue as an acknowledgment of their share.

Mardi Gras

One of the best events is a Mardi Gras celebration, without waiting for an actual party. You can get a big meeting hall (have a hotel or community center donate it for the event), get party decorations, food (donated) and music. You can sell the tickets to everyone in the neighborhood or any particular age, gender, or race demographics you are targeting on.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Auctions

It's for a noble cause. You've seen it happen in movies, so why not make use of this simple, yet fun idea. All you have to do is ask your friends, neighbors, colleagues, and people you know (of course, who are bachelors and bachelorettes) to volunteer themselves for the event.
You can put up flyers at various coffee shops, restaurants, universities, etc. and decide on the venue. At the event, people will place their bids and whoever bids the highest will win a date. Not only are you collecting funds but are also bringing two singles together.

5K Run or Walk

Another idea you can venture on is a 5K run or walk for people to participate in. You can advertise the event in local newspapers, radio stations, and community centers. You are sure to find people of all ages willing to take part in the event. Sell the tickets for the walk or run for US $20 or US $30, or even more.

Beach Cleanup

Whatever time of the year, cleaning beaches is a way to bring people together and do something for the environment. You can ask donors to pledge an amount for the time they spend cleaning the beaches. You can take the trash to recycle centers to get money. So, you do something for the environment, help raise awareness, and accomplish your event successfully.

Fashion Show

For your next event, how about hosting a fashion show? You can have kids and teens from school, adults from various communities to join in the fun. Have them dress in their favorite clothes and let them show their fashionable style on the ramp. For raising money, charge an admission fee for the show.
There are tons of fundraising ideas for non-profit organizations to venture. You have to keep your eyes and creative mind open. Take help from people in your organization and community to suggest some ideas. If you feel that organizing fundraisers is not your cup of tea, then you can place an application for local and/or national grants for help.