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27 Funny Things People Do to Save Money

Amita Ray
You would not believe the extent people would go to, to save a little dough! Here are a few rofl-y funny things people do to save money. Read along for a good laugh.
Tips To Be Stingy
- Don't throw away coffee cups refills are much cheaper than ordering a new one.
- Use your neighbor's Wi-Fi, you can split the bill with them.
- Get your haircut from a beauty school.
Don't we all have that aunt whose sole supply of condiments, sugar, and creamer comes from the little sachets found on the table of any restaurant?
Isn't there always this lady whose only aim of going to the cosmetic shop is to slather herself with all the free testers she can lay her hands on (no offense intended)?
If you think these antics were weird, then you'd definitely not believe what whacky stuff people do just to save a few bucks here and there.
Given are some money saving tips from some extremely frugal and stingy real people that will slowly but surely make you rich if exercised for a lifetime!

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Funny Ways To Save Money
Knit with dog hair:
Man's best friend is now his designer too! Why waste money in buying wool when the dog keeps shedding all over the couch? Just collect them, clean 'em up, and knit away. How about making a pair of mittens from the hair of your husky for your honey, that too for free!
Use peanut butter in place of shaving cream:
If it's good enough to be slathered on bread, then it's good enough to be slathered on your face as well. Besides who needs expensive shaving cream when you have a jar of peanut butter lying in your pantry!
Just keep the peanut butter you intend to eat far away before you shave, you wouldn't want any nasty surprises in your peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
Using coconut oil or olive oil as hair gel:
Did you know that coconut oil nourishes your hair and moisturizes your scalp? Why waste money on hair gel when coconut oil styles as well as nourishes the hair!
Besides, the scent of coconut might even make up for lack of use of a deodorant (hopefully!).
Dumpster diving for food:
There's always this bakery that throws perfectly good day-old bread and incredibly slashes the rates off stale donuts.
On the way back from buying these donuts, a dive into the dumpster would give you a loaf of bread for free, how about that! Another dive into the dumpster of the local grocery store and the pantry for the week can be stocked (almost) well.
Bathe a few times less:
Aside from satisfying your lazy morning whims, not bathing can help you save time and money on water and other toiletries. If you could get your wife to do that, then you'll probably save a fortune.
Get fresh flowers from the cemetery:
You know how expensive it gets to get your wife some beautiful fresh flowers, especially on Valentines day! We know a place you could get them for free―the cemetery!
Why do dead people need flowers anyway (no offense)? But be careful, with the kinda price hike you'd probably not be the only one visiting this florist.
Turn your underwear inside out so you can wear it twice before washing it:
It's best if we just leave it there.
Give up using toilet paper:
There are other ways to clean yourself than to use toilet paper. Seriously, paying so much money for something you're gonna use only once?!
You could use an old bottle filled with water too, you know. Old newspapers seem to do the trick for a lot of people. Some people just use a single ply just to make it longer.
Remove the light bulb from your refrigerator to save energy:
You know that tiny bulb in the refrigerator that lights up every time you open it. It doesn't really seem to help, you need to remove the container out to examine whatever is in it anyway.
Many people choose to remove the bulb, it would probably help them save some cents (as if that's a bad thing).
Getting furniture from the cast offs on the street:
Next time you wanna get an inexpensive couch for the living room, try out a few alleys first who knows if you're lucky enough you might even get 'right what you're looking for' before someone else does.
A few stitches here and there, and it'll be as good as new. Sure, it may have a few rodents crawled on it or may be a little disease infested, but hey, when is that store-bought cleaner ever going to pay off.
Not buying new jeans for 10 years, just because the old ones still fit:
We all have that favorite jeans we can't part ways with, but not adding any other jeans to your wardrobe saying, "if it fits; it sits" might be hard at first, but there are a good lot of people who're incredibly good at it..
Hang in there, and you might even achieve it. Besides, this can be a great motivator to stay in shape
Look for loose change in car washes and car parking lots:
An easy way to earn a few cents or may be a buck is to look for change while walking in the parking lot.
You could draw inspiration from all those who just can't pass by the vending machine without checking it and the area around it for some change. If in case you need to hire a taxi (God forbid!), you could also go change diving on the floor of the taxi.
Using butter wrappers in place of oil for cooking:
Taking the word 'resourceful' to yet another level, some people rub their pans with the papers that are used to wrap sticks of butter, which eliminates the need to use any oil at all.
An additional perk, aside the few bucks saved, is the leniency this habit might show to your waste.
Buy clothes in a yard sale:
Although most of us might find it unacceptable to buy their clothes from the yard sale, unless it is from the house of Coco Chanel.
Some people shop for their Sunday bests from the backyard of their neighbor as long as they get some good clothes at a literally throw-away price of course, apart from the fact that they helped their neighbor earn a buck.
Use old clothes as sleeping mats, bedding, or rags:
With the number of zeros behind the digits you have to pay to get a new bed, wouldn't sleeping on the floor be better? Just throw a few old clothes together and it's good to go.
This bed would be good enough as sleeping mats on the camping trip too. A bed would never do that! When this bed gets old enough we could use a part of it to wipe the kitchen table!
Reusing everything possible:
Aside from saving a few bucks, this can be quite an eco-friendly habit. But we doubt if the environmentalists meant it to be taken this seriously.
There have been people who have admitted to drying and reusing paper towels. Sure, you save a little but with cloth towels despite the initial investments, you might be able to use it many more times!

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Other Crazy Ways To Save Money
Here are a few other examples of ridiculous ways to save money.
  • Washing clothes in the dishwasher; no need to buy a washing machine and some detergent for clothes. While you're at it, why not dry them in the oven?
  • Collecting recyclable pop cans from everyone possible and making a few bucks recycling them; stingy but eco-friendly, so this gets a thumbs up.
  • Use duct tape to mend broken flip flops; why throw them away when it'll be all good with some duct tape. We know people who use duct tapes for just about anything, be it repairing a broken taillight or as a bandage!
  • Collect their feces and use that as a free substitute for fertilizer for plants; one word: EEW!
  • Train the cat to use the potty and save money on kitty litter; this may be pretty cool.
  • Train their dog to beg for food from strangers; who could resist those eyes?! Of course, they're gonna feed Archie.
  • Make lemonade at the table using water and a lemon instead of soda. You know what others sitting on the table are thinking: Awkward!
  • Marrying a man who knows how to fix things, and save a fortune. Think about it, you don't have to call in a plumber, an electrician, or a carpenter; the man fixes everything! When you find a guy who really fixes things and not just says to do so, stay married to him.
  • Visit the lost and found department of the local library for a new umbrella for free; if they left it there and haven't shown up for it as yet, they probably don't need it anyway.
  • Collecting day-old newspapers from the whole block to cut out the coupons from them; not sure if they'd wanna stay in touch after a few such incidents.
  • Digging the trash for used tubs of popcorn and soda containers; washing them and using them for a refill. Something tells us that these people might not stop at just one free drink. We'd advise people who're out with them to exercise a bit of caution, especially if they're buying.
Note: We're not sure if it's the way to go, but if you really aspire to be the next Scrooge McDuck, then these tips are surely gonna help you get there!