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Pell Grants for Women

Indrajit Deshmukh
Pell Grants are federal government education programs, which assist people by paying for their undergraduate program study. Here are some aspects related to them, including the eligibility requirements.
There are many women who would like to get a good education, so that they can better support themselves and their families. One of the most common reasons for them to discontinue their education is lack of funds. For many, even getting a student loan is not a viable option because it needs to be repaid.
The government recognizes the need for education and has allocated funds in the form of Pell Grants. For this purpose, it has set aside some funds for continuing education and every year, sponsors thousands of students across America.
Pell Grants, unlike student loans, need not be repaid; they are financial rewards to deserving students. They are awarded irrespective of the caste, creed, gender, or religion. Getting it is not easy, but it should not stop you from applying, as the financial reward is worth the effort.
One of the places to get more information about it is on the government grants website. Another place where you could get assistance regarding the requirements is the financial aid office of your college.

Eligibility Criteria

Grants are a form of financial aid for a specific purpose, and the best thing about this type of financial assistance is that you need not pay it back. This is the biggest difference between them and student loans. When you apply for a student loan, they conduct a background check on your finances to find if you will be able to repay the amount.
Whereas for the latter, you are better qualified if you are from a low-income family. Here are some eligibility criteria for the same:
  • These are awarded for only undergraduate study programs. Exception is made for students enrolled in post-baccalaureate programs.
  • Women, or anyone else can use them at approximately 5,400 participating institutions.
  • One of the most basic requirements is filling the Free Application for Federal Students Aid (FAFSA) form.
  • The eligibility stipulates that they need to be from low-income family.
  • These grants do not apply for online education and distance learning programs.
Thus, they are need-based grants awarded to students from low-income family, and students might receive such funds from more than one school at a time. The amount is dependent on various factors.
You will be notified about the same through the Student Aid Report (SAR). You can also be notified by the institute because they get an Institutional Student Information Record (ISIR), apprising them of the grant status.
Pell Grants have enabled many female students to realize their dream of higher education and being independent. If you are a student applying for an undergraduate program, these are one of your best options for financial assistance that you can consider.