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Unique Fundraising Events

Neha Joshi
Here are 8 unique fundraising events and ideas that have been famously appreciated by people everywhere. Fundraising is a social cause that is seldom taken seriously, isn't it? We've tried our best to help, by listing unique events for you.
"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." ~ Winston Churchill
Fundraising is done when you want to collect money (funds), by organizing certain events, for the purpose of donating to a cause. This fundraising has to represent the necessity of the action, in some way or the other, and make it look important. Fundraising is usually done for a group of people who need financial help; having suffered from crisis.
This crisis can be a natural calamity, a disease, or a malicious public treatment. Fundraising is indeed a noble act. In today's world, very few take it up sincerely. Here are some unique events for you to choose from, for when you want to help someone. You can also use these if you're looking for unique fundraising ideas for non-profit organizations.

List of Unique Fundraising Events

Plays, drama circles, etc. are best fundraising events.
People are usually skeptical about donating direct money to a cause. They are in two minds, thinking of the fundraising's authenticity. However, if you invite them to an event; specially an entertaining one, chances of them attending are higher. If you create awareness before the activity, you can raise enough money with just the ticket collections.
If you want, you can prepare the performance in a way that it depicts the cause you're supporting. Plays have always topped the charts when it comes to charity fundraising ideas and programs.
Marathons are getting a lot more attention today than they did before. Earlier, they were just considered events pertaining to sports, and to people associated these sports. Today, they hold an important place in fundraising activities.
We don't only see local marathons, but marathons across cities, and cross-country marathons too. In these marathons, people have to pay a nominal fee to enter, and to take part. Since the trend shows increase in attendance every time, this nominal entry fee is enough as a fundraising amount.


Auctions are another way for you to collect some good amount of money. Mostly, costly and/or relic artifacts are sold at auctions, for large amounts of money. You can advertise about these auctions in your local newspaper, to let people know more about the event.
Highlighting the cause in these advertisements always helps. You can also auction secondhand clothes, accessories and artifacts, to make more money. If auctions seem too optimistic an idea, try hosting a secondhand market.
Donation Campaigns
A donation campaign is the oldest, and most common method to raise fund for not only a cause, but just about anything.
These are unique events, as they give you the liberty to donate money as well as clothes, medical help and other things of help.
Donation campaigns thus give people an alternative to participate in fundraising. After all, any kind of help is still help.
Sport Events
Sport events are also useful platforms that help raise a lot of money. You can get a few teams together, and request them to participate for free in this event. You will have to find at least two teams that play the same sport.
You can advertise about this event, so people can come see it. Since you have to only pay rent for the stadium, rest of the money collected is a fund. You can involve a famous sports person; more publicity only increases attendance. With a celebrity involved, this event would truly be a hit. Nowadays, such matches are trending as fundraising events.
A lot of business conferences take place now and then. What you can do is, seek permission and host a fundraising booth nearby, or in the venue itself. This way, you will be targeting the more financially sound lot.
This won't only be a practical approach, but truly a unique fundraising event. Check out newspapers, and business editorials for information on these conferences. You better remind them that they aren't being taxed for these donations. You want to increase the funds, don't you?
Car Wash et al
To add to the fundraising, you can hold a few events on weekends, such as car wash, domestic help and/or repairs. You can do all these at cheaper rates so that more people come to you for these services. Donate everything you earn, to the cause.
If a lot of people take part in this activity, a lot of money can be collected. There are many such charity fundraising ideas for kids, that are considered unique. Unique because they show us the efforts small children take to help causes they don't even entirely understand.
Form Support Groups
Support groups take time to form; making it difficult to get immediate funds. Still, in the long run, these are the most stable form of fundraising. Approach a few artists/businessmen for fundraising.
Request them to donate a particular amount of their income to your cause. A lot of concerts are held globally for charity. You can do the same, on a smaller scale. Ask small-scale businessmen to set up donation boxes at their offices. People who have turned their hobby into a business (pottery, catering, arts and crafts, homemade goodies) will help.
These were some fundraising events and activities for you to choose. These will help you support any cause you are passionate about. These events can do wonders if they are held properly. Take all necessary efforts and your main aim should be to attract maximum people. The number of people will always be directly proportional to number of funds.